Optimum Milling Machine Optimill MH 22Vd | MM3338136

Optimum Milling Machine Optimill MH 22Vd | MM3338136

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Drilling-milling machine

Milling machines with 3 axes position display

Technical Specifications

length945 mm
Width depth650 mm
height950 mm
Weight (net)120 kg
Power drive motor0.95 kW
Supply voltage230V
Phase (s)1 Ph
Current Type~
power frequency50 Hz
Knife head size max.52 mm
End mill size max.12 mm
Vertical spindle projection170 mm
Vertical spindle Spindle mountBT 20
Vertical spindle speed range90 – 3000 min-1
Vertical spindle Number of speed ranges2
Vertical spindle Control of the speed controlelectronic
Horizontal milling length700 mm
Horizontal milling width180 mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling min.370 mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling table max.370 mm
Horizontal milling T-slots size12 mm
Horizontal milling T-slots number3
Horizontal milling T-slots clearance63 mm
Horizontal milling load max.50 kg
Traverse X-axis manually480 mm
Travel Y-axis manually175 mm
Travel Z-axis manually370 mm
Drilling capacity steel (S235JR)20 mm
Continuous drilling capacity steel (S235JR)16 mm
Vertical spindle Turning area milling head Z – X plane90 degrees
Vertical spindle Pinole diameter60 mm
Vertical spindle Quill stroke50 mm


  • Stable drilling and milling machine with electronically infinitely variable drive. MH 22VD with digital position indicator DRO 5
  • Feed spindles adjustable without backlash by adjustable spindle nuts
  • Stable dovetail guide, precision ground and scraped with adjustable wedges
  • EMC filter class B (use in private households)
  • All guides are ground and visibly scraped (oil pockets for lubrication)
  • Precisely processed
  • Double-row angular contact ball bearings in the axles, adjustable without backlash
  • Safety electronics in 24 Volt version
  • Bellows as guide protection
  • Forward / reverse operation
  • Drilling and milling head can be tilted by ± 900, for milling and drilling work in any angular position
  • machine lamp
  • Height-adjustable protective screen with micro-switch, against flying chips and parts, for maximum protection of the user
  • Easy to read speed display and depth display, switchable mm / inch
  • fine feed


  • Includes digital position indicator DRO5 and magnetic tapes in all three axes

Room amenities

  • control electronics
    • Integrated relay control
  • engine
    • Two-stage gear ratio for powerful transmission of engine power
    • Powerful DC motor with permanent current monitoring
  • Z-pillar and X-axis
    • Prepared groove for subsequent mounting of magnetic tapes
  • control panel
    • User-friendly membrane keyboard
    • Easy to read digital speed display
    • clear
    • Emergency stop impact switch
  • Tapered roller bearings
    • High concentricity ≤ 0.015 mm measured in the quill
  • pillar
    • Reversible on both sides by 30 mm
    • With swiveled head, longer travel paths and centric machining of the workpiece possible
    • Back with hole
    • Slightly oil the trapezoidal spindle or grease of the ballscrews
  • cross table
    • Solid
    • Precise surface finish
    • With T-slots
    • Adjustable wedges
    • Adjustable via 3 hand wheels
    • Adjustable end stops
  • Y-axis
    • Prepared groove for subsequent mounting of magnetic tapes


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