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Bending Steel Without The Right Tools

Many times we find ourselves in the middle of a job with a need to do something which we never initially planned to do. These moments very often happen on a Sunday afternoon and the closest hardware store is long closed for business and your weekend is coming to an end with you being nowhere […]

Soldering, Brazing, Burning Through Wood & More With TradeFlame

Using a soldering iron or a blow torch in both a functional and creative way can be a skill that can go a very long way and expand your way of thinking around certain problems you may encounter. Used when a high-temperature naked flame is required, a blow torch can be used for soldering, brazing, […]

Your Ideal Metal Working Workshop

Starting with a new hobby can always be very daunting. The thought of starting with something new and unfamiliar can be like shooting in the dark. Which tools do you get first? Also, how many functions can each tool facilitate, and which one will suit your needs? We are answering all those questions today with […]

Bernzomatic – All You Need To Know To Start Burning

The market has always been thirsty for a blow torch that is both safer and more efficient to use. Founded in 1876, Bernzomatic has been leading the fire and heat industry for more than a century. Bernzomatic has been diligently forging ahead with a progressive mindset and quality craftsmanship since then.  Today we will discuss […]

Welding Hacks Every Welder Should Know

In our previous article, Welding Basics, we discussed the basic differences between the various welders available on the market today. The art of welding is possibly one of the most difficult trades to perfect. The best way to become a master welder is usually by developing your skills over time. Gladly, times have changed and the […]

Forging Steel – Gas Forges For Beginners

  The idea of a backyard blacksmith is probably something most of us have not been much accustomed to. This is surprising, considering that being a blacksmith was traditionally something one did manage to not only learn but also perfect at home. The extremely high levels of potential safety hazards and the cumbersome (and often […]

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