Bellice Insta-Connect

Bellice Insta-Connects, Square Tube Connectors.

No Weld DIY Connectors.

The construction of frame structures built from steel (square, rectangular,) tubes requires time-consuming welding, grinding, drilling, and electricity supply. For years, thousands of Rands are being wasted on these welding processes. Time spent in preparing the structure to critically align, square and perpendicular is non-productive. Companies and organizations today cannot afford the loss of productivity.

Our objective of this invention is to provide a tube connection system connecting together a plurality of tubes without welding, involving relatively low-cost production and material costs. The building of frame structures with these connectors allows for firm and strong connections to be made without the need for welding, grinding, drilling, jig fixtures, and electricity supply.

As no welding is used to secure the corners or joints with these connectors, any assembly can be dismantled and rebuilt using the same connectors and tubes. This allows for all materials used in any assembly to be re-used even on different structures. Tubes and connectors are not damaged during dismantling and re-assembly. Existing assemblies can be modified by simply releasing the connector, adjust the length of tubes to suit, and re-assemble.


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