Optimum Milling Machine MT 200 | MM3336120

Optimum Milling Machine MT 200 | MM3336120

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Universal milling machines

Milling machines with 3 axes position display

Technical specifications

Power consumption9.2 kW / 400 V / 3 Ph ~ 50 Hz
Motor vertical spindle4 kW
Motor horizontal spindle4 kW
Spindle taperISO 50 DIN 2080
Cutter head size100 mm
End mills Size20 mm
Vertical spindle speed60 – 1,750 min-1
Vertical gear stages12 steps
Vertical distance spindle table250 – 670 mm
Vertical distance spindle column250 – 750 mm
Vertical spindle Turning area milling head Z – X plane360 degrees
Vertical spindle Turning area milling head X – Y plane360 degrees
Horizontal distance spindle – table0 – 420 mm
Horizontal spindle speed58 – 1,800 min-1
Horizontal gear stages12 steps
Horizontal milling rotation35 degrees
Horizontal milling table L x W1,650 x 360 mm
load450 kg
T-slot size / distance / Number14 mm / 95 mm / 3
X-axis travel automatically1,210 mm
X-axis travel manually1,290 mm
X-axis table feedautomatically 22 – 380 mm / min
X-axis table feed stages8 steps
X-axis table feed rapid traverse1,290 mm / min
X-axis power feed motor1.1 kW
Y-axis travel automatically200 mm
Y-axis travel manually280 mm
Y-axis table feedautomatically 20 – 380 mm / min
Y-axis table feed stages8 steps
Y-axis table feed rapid traverse200 mm / min
Y-axis power feed motor1.1 kW
Z-axis travel automatically320 mm
Z-axis travel manually400 mm
Z-axis table feed automatically7-127 mm / min
Z-axis table feed stages8 steps
Z-axis table feed rapid traverse342 mm / min
Z-axis power feed motor1.1 kW
Performance coolant pump90 watts
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,920 x 2,350 x 2,200 mm
total weight2,220 kg


  • Versatility and easy conversion – the universal milling machine for workshops with digital 3-axis position indicator
  • Versatile application
  • Robust machine construction
  • Smooth running due to polished gear wheels running in oil bath
  • Heavy, solid design made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron
  • All guides are hardened and adjustable by means of wedges
  • Central lubrication
  • Large sized handwheels with scale
  • LED machine lamp
  • Coolant system
  • Easy operation of the switching elements
  • Sturdy, rectangular guideways in the Y and Z axes
  • Horizontal milling position
  • Table feed X, Y and Z axis automatically
  • Digital position indicator DPA 2000
  • Feed motor with fixed steps

Room amenities

OPTI control panel

  • Integrated control panel
  • Integrated digital position indicator
  • Rotatable around its own axis

milling head

  • Two rotary axes
  • scales
  • Swiveling and rotating in every spatial angle

Counterholder Horizontal milling

  • handy

cross table

  • Solid and large dimensions
  • Precise surface finish
  • Adjustable wedges
  • Adjustable end stops

Horizontal milling position

  • For working in horizontal milling position with counterholder and mounting for side milling cutter
  • Adjustable slide bearing

hand wheels

  • decoupled



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