Optimum Lathe 400 X 3050 | BL3462220

Optimum Lathe 400 X 3050 | BL3462220

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OPTIturn TH 6630D

Center and spindle lathe

Technical Specifications

length4,650 mm
Width depth1,500 mm
height1,785 mm
mass3,730 kg
Power drive motor9 kW
Total connected value10 kW
Electrical voltage400V
Phase (s)3 Ph
Current Type~
power frequency50 Hz
Spindle taperCamlock DIN ISO 702-2 No. 8
Spindle bore / rod diameter
Center height330 mm
distance between centers3,050 mm
Circumferential diameter over machine bed660 mm
Circumference diameter in the bed bridge900 mm
Circumferential diameter over cross slide440 mm
Turning length in the bed bridge250 mm
bed width400 mm
Speed ​​range25 – 1,600 min-1
Number of speed ranges16
Travel X-axis230 mm
Traverse Z-axis368 mm
TailstockMK 5
Tailstock quill stroke235 mm
Coolant system Performance Coolant pump150W
spindle taperMK 7
Steel holder pick-up height max.32 mm
Feed area along0.044 – 1.48 mm / rev
Number of feeds along25
Feed area flat0.022 – 0.74 mm / rev
Number of feeds plan25
Gradient Metric0.45 – 120 mm / rev
Number of slopes Metric54
Gradient inches80 – 7/16 Gg / in.
Number of slopes inches60
Gradient Diametral Pitch7/8 – 160
Number of Gradients Diametral Pitch42
Gradient module thread0.25 – 60
Number of gradients module thread46
load1.4 t / m2
Rapid3.8 m / minute; Max. 5 min (30 min break)


  • Leading and traction spindle lathes, which are characterized by high flexibility, precision and cost-effectiveness. With digital position indicator DPA 21 and quick-change steel holder
  • Hardened and ground Z-axis guideway
  • Spindle mount Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 No. 8
  • Closed, fast-speed feed gear, gears and shafts hardened and ground, running in precision bearings
  • Clear selection lever for switching the feed rates
  • Emergency stop blow switch, motor protection switch, lockable main switch
  • Right / left rotation on bed carriage via switching spindle switchable
  • Safety limit switch with positive opening contacts
  • Central lubrication in the bed slide
  • leading spindle
  • LED machine light
  • Emergency stop device with foot control
  • With Siemens electrical system
  • Quick change steel holder SWH 9-D
  • 1 steel holder 41 x 180 type D for square chisels

Digital position indicator DPA 21

  • Significant reduction in production times
  • Higher work accuracy
  • Error rate is reduced
  • Clearly arranged keyboard
  • glass scales

Room amenities:

main spindle

  • Hardened and sanded
  • Dry sump lubrication
  • Mounted in 3 adjustable precision tapered roller bearings
  • Gear wheels smooth, hardened and ground

power saving mode

  • Machine shuts down automatically after a few minutes at idle
  • Time adjustable

Electric engine brake

  • Fast emergency stop
  • In normal operation fast stop without caster


  • Precisely worked
  • Upper slide 360 ​​° rotatable
  • Waves and wheels running in oil bath
  • Handwheels with adjustable fine scale 0.04 / 0.02 mm
  • Quick change steel holder SWH9-D
  • All guides can be adjusted by wedge strips
  • Chip protection on the upper slide

energy chain

  • gentle line and hose routing

rapid feed

  • Push-button and selector lever for activating the rapid traverse for plan and longitudinal direction
  • For even more efficient work
  • Does not switch off the entire machine when retracting into the limit switch


  • For taper turning ± 13 mm adjustable
  • Tailstock quill and handwheel with adjustable fine scaling
  • Crank for position change
  • Tailstock quill with two adjustable ratios 1/4 or 1/1 turn

Coolant tank

  • Separate with level indicator and oil separator
  • Easy and complete emptying and cleaning

Delivery Information

  • Fixed bezel passage max. Ø 150 mm
  • Running bezel passage max. Ø 130 mm
  • machine light
  • Reduction sleeve MK 5 / MK 7
  • Fixed centering point MK 5
  • Fixed center point MK 5, alloyed
  • Quick change steel holder 9-D
  • Steel holder 41 x 180 type D for square chisels
  • Position stop with fine adjustment
  • Change gear set
  • Quality oil enclosed
  • operating tool


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