Becut Stainless (800x50x3.5) | AEF-BEC-50

Becut Stainless (800x50x3.5) | AEF-BEC-50

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Becut Stainless Steel is a patented alloy with niobium added stainless to give good toughness, edge retention and wear resistance while also offering good corrosion resistance and a fine grain structure.

Niobium is used in a relatively small number of knife steels, but its addition is significant in terms of effects on the final properties. Fundamentally, niobium is added for similar reasons to vanadium: to form hard MC carbides, where M can refer to V, Nb, Ti, etc. The hard carbides can contribute to grain size refinement, carbide structure refinement, and wear resistance.

Size: 800 x 50 x 3.5mm

Size: 800 x 50 x 3.5mm


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