Action Can Zinc Galvanised Spray ZG-90 Silver 500ml (CAN32811)

Action Can Zinc Galvanised Spray ZG-90 Silver 500ml (CAN32811)

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ZG-90 – Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint
Rapid dry galvanise


ZG-90 is the fast and effective way to touch up galvanised structures. ZG-90
cold zinc galvanise is a zinc-rich paint that provides a combination of rapid drying
time, superior coverage, opacity, and protection against corrosion.

It is an accurate
colour match for newly galvanised steel and is ideal for protecting welding joints
and cut ends.



Fastener specialists: use to protect bolted joints on steel
sections and girders. Avoid the need to re-plate a bolt or stud, spray ZG-90 on
exposed bolts and threaded bar to match existing zinc plating or galvanised coating.

General fabrication: use on bare, degreased metal to provide
an effective finish with good long-term protection.

Facility Maintenance: use for repairing and maintaining fences,
metal sheets, air conditioning units and ducting.

Electrical and mechanical contractors: spray ZG-90 on cut ends
of Unistrut type channelling and cable conduit.


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