Action Can Cutting & Tapping Fluid CT-90 500ml (CAN32772)

Action Can Cutting & Tapping Fluid CT-90 500ml (CAN32772)

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CT-90 – Cutting & Tapping Lubricant

500ml Aerosol

CT-90, the ultimate 4-in-1 versatile cutting lubricant makes metal working easier
when cutting, tapping, drilling and reaming. High-performance metal cutting lubricant
for use on all tough metals including stainless steel. Specially formulated with
excellent extreme-pressure (EP), additives reducing friction and keeping the work-piece
at a stable temperature to prevent seizing. Dissipates heat, reducing cutting time,
swarf build-up, metal scrap and downtime. Protects and extends the life of the tool.

Now available as a foaming lubricant – eliminates
fling-off, clings to drill bits, reduced run-off on vertical surfaces!


All types of stainless steels, carbon steels and Nimonic alloys. Can also be
used as a deep drawing, blanking or piercing lubricant.

CT-90 Aerosol
Convenient easy to apply, for precise application control, and hard-to-reach
areas. Ideal for mobile engineers and operators working off-site.

Fluid Packed in a convenient spout top squeeze bottle or in a bulk can
for flood lubrication. Ideal for difficult cutting operations that require an extreme
pressure additive.

CT-90 Compound
A heavy duty viscous non-drip paste which can be applied by brush or by
dipping the tool or bit into the compound.

Directions for Use
  • Apply to the cutting tool before the cutting operation begins and to the
    workpiece during cutting.
  • Exercise caution when applying near moving parts.
  • CT-90 may cause staining on some yellow metals.

CT-90 aerosol

  • Gently shake the aerosol can and spray in an upright position.

CT-90 poly bottle and bulk can

  • Apply CT-90 fluid before use and also during operations.

CT-90 compound

  • Apply by using a brush to the work, or dip the cutting tool or bit directly
    into the compound.


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