52100 High carbon steel (1000x50x6) | AEF-52100-6

52100 High carbon steel (1000x50x6) | AEF-52100-6

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52100 is a high carbon high chromium alloy steel initially designed as a ball bearing steel. The steel balances high wear resistance and great toughness, which makes it ideal for producing mechanical components.

52100 gets its name from its chemical composition. The first digit “5”, signifies that this is a chrome alloy (i.e., it is primarily chromium alloyed steel), the second digit “2” means that the alloying percentage of Chromium is more than 1%. And the last part “100” represents the average volume of carbon used (i.e., 1.00% Carbon)

This steel is used in the blades and cutlery industry due to its high toughness and hardness. You’ll find 52100 carbon steel in hunting knives, fixed blades, and 52100 steel kitchen knives. The steel has also started showing up in larger knives that require greater toughness to withstand brutal force.

Size: 1000 x 50 x 6mm


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