Bosch GMB 32 Magnetic Drill Stand | 0601193003

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Bosch GMB 32 Magnetic Drill Stand | 0601193003

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Bosch GMB 32 Magnetic Drill Stand.

Good holding power for safe working

  • Magnetic drill stand with high holding power of the magnetic foot for safe working
  • Ideal for working on vertical and slanted surfaces or overhead
  • Mains socket for the drill with switch-on protection: the drill can only be switched on when the magnetic foot is active

Technical Data:

Rated input power95 W
Clamping flange diameter65 mm
Magnet retention force25 kN
Working length, Z-axis223 mm
Drilling performance with GBM 32-4
Drill bit diameter32 mm
Core cutter diameter12 – 60 mm
Weight26 kg

GMB 32 Professional comes complete with:

Carrying case

User Manual

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