Choosing The Right Welders For You

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Since most of our world is built using various forms of metal, welding is one of the most useful and practical skills that one can acquire. Using even the most rudimentary welding machines, one can turn from a beginner to a professional in the comfort of their home garage.

Today, we take a look at the various inverters/welders available to home enthusiasts and professionals.

Choosing your First Welder

A quick run-down on the various types of welding commercially available to the consumer.

MIG Welding

  • Easiest technique to learn
  • Higher possible welding speeds
  • Greater control on thinner materials
  • This equipment can also be used for flux-cored welding

ARC/Stick Welding

  • Better suited for use in outdoor conditions
  • More forgiving when welding on dirty and/or rusty metal
  • Works more efficiently on thicker materials

Flux-Cored Welding

  • Works as well as stick on dirty or rusty material
  • Deep penetration for welding thick sections
  • Increased metal deposition rate
  • More forgiving when welding on dirty or rusty material

TIG Welding

  • Provides the best quality with the most precise welds
  • Allows adjustment of heat input while welding by use of a foot/pedal control

Mat-Weld (9006K) 120 AMP Inverter ARC Welder Kit

MAT-WELD 120 Amp SB 220V Inverter Welder Kit | MAT9006K

This is a DC arc welder inverter which makes this not only portable but also a robust format that makes them versatile and effective for a variety of uses. The Mat-Weld 9006K welder complies too current regulations and the optimum quality of materials used will ensure a long life with complete safety.

This kit also comes complete with an Electrode holder with cable & dinse connector, Earth Clamp with cable & Dinse connector, Handheld face mark, Wire brush & chipping hammer.


A Voltage Reduction Device reduces the maximum open circuit voltage across the output terminals to below 15 volts. This is a known safety requirement for most mines in South Africa when the unit is to be operated underground or in damp conditions. The presence of a VRD can however cause major difficulty in the striking and re-striking of the arc with less skilled operators. This is because the machine has to rapidly change from the reduced open circuit voltage of below 15v to the open circuit voltage of around 56v necessary to strike the arc.

Mat-Weld (9055VRD) 200 AMP Inverter ARC/TIG Welder

Welder invert 200a 220v vrd | MAT9055VRD

A small, portable, and lightweight welder, the Mat-weld boasts a stable arc with excellent striking capabilities. A Hot Start MMA with protection for Over Current and Over Voltage. The Mat-Weld 9055VRD Welder is also very suitable for Scratch Start TIG welding.

The VRD function on the Mat-Weld 9055VRD is perfect for many mines in South Africa. Equipped with welding cable, a carry handle, and a convenient shoulder strap. The Mat-Weld 9055VRD is a great upgrade to your beginner ARC welder.

Mat-Weld (9100) 180 AMP ARC/MIG/TIG Extreme Welder

Matweld Welder extreme mig 180 amp 220v

A great all-around choice for the DIY enthusiast or hobbyist who seeks a capable multi-process entry-level welder. The kit includes a MIG torch and cable kit. With the ability to weld with gasless flux cored wire, and a 5kg MIG wire spool this welder is a great and permanent resident in your workshop


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