Flex Power Tools – The Premium Hardworkers


In 1922 Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt start a company in the town of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The company was formed to produce and sell their latest great invention: the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine which featured an electrical motor that would drive the flexible shaft. This innovation then propelled the company to begin venturing into more such innovative products. The first high-speed angle grinder was then introduced to the market in 1954, the DL 9. The Ackermann + Schmitt company soon began exploring other sectors of the industry. In 1987, the company began producing high finish polishing power tool systems which were dedicated systems for sensitive polishing of anything from automotive paint and lacquers as well as natural stone floors and other furniture. In 1996, the Ackermann + Schmitt company renamed itself to FLEX.

Over the past few years, FLEX has been able to produce some of the most hardworking machines that the market has seen. The superior quality engineering that goes into the manufacturing of these tools makes it a gold standard in the premium power tool market.

Some of the most innovative and incomparable machines currently available on the market:

FLEX SBG 4910 Metal-Cutting Band Saw (w/ swiveling saw frame)

SBG 4910 - Metal-cutting band saw with swivelling saw frame

This incredible metal bandsaw has two belt speeds to adjust when sawing solid and hollow sections. The swiveling saw frame allows the user to make 90-degree straight cuts, round and square sections at a maximum of the height of 80mm. Especially great to work in fire hazardous surroundings the SBG for spark-free cutting of metal allows one to work without the need for coolant.





FLEX TRINOXFLEX Burnishing Machine


On a league of its own, the Flex Trinoflex is a burnishing machine like no other. Equipped with a tacho generator, the Trinoflex offers speed pre-selection and superior stability. The electronics module of the Trinoflex is completely encapsulated, preventing any damage by the ingress of dust. The applications of this machine vary from burnishing, polishing, brushing, smoothing, removing dust, and even deburring – simply dependent on which of the high-quality attachments the user fits on the base tool.

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